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/ Chickenstock

From the largest cities to the smallest villages across the MENA region, restaurants, corner shops and cafeterias share a very familiar set of photos: KFC’s fried chicken, Zingers, Twisters, etc.

What should KFC do? Go after them? We decided to help them.

Lebanese Army
/ PeaceCamo

For centuries, soldiers around the world have worn camouflage to hide from the enemy, and to most people, it's a symbol of war and hostility. On its 75th Anniversary, the Lebanese Army introduced ‘PeaceCamo’: a new camouflage pattern inspired by REAL-LIFE moments of people and army solidarity.
PeaceCamo repurposed the camouflage’s objective, turning a symbol of war into an icon of peace.

/ The Unstuck Poster

The desert is not for beginners. The first rule of off-road driving is to go in a convoy. However, a lot of inexperienced drivers go by themselves, thinking that all they need is a 4x4 car. A lot of them end up getting stuck in the desert.
So we created The Unstuck Poster, made of a special type of rubber, with a unique traction pattern. It also includes a radio transmitter that can send an emergency call, if it’s necessary.

Under Armour
/ #BodyLogoChallenge

Under Armour is recognised by its logo alone, except in the Middle East. And with a new flagship store opening at the Dubai Mall in the UAE, this had to change. So we launched the #BodyLogoChallenge.
A TikTok challenge that invited people to mimic the Under Armour logo using their own bodies. Users took the contest to a whole new level by improvising the most creative - and at times, borderline impossible - postures and gestures to recreate the logo.

/ Piercing Ad

To launch the New CLA, the Mercedes-Benz Rock Star, a car designed for the younger audience, we put a piercing on the magazine ad.
The ad was printed on special paper that supports the hole and then placed in the magazine. Finally, each piercing was manually applied in each of the 10,000 copies.

Cannes Lions

1x Silver / Direct - ChickenStock

1x Silver / Industry Craft - PeaceCamo

1x Shortlist / Brand Experience & Activation - ChickenStock

The One Show

1x Bronze / Out of Home - PeaceCamo

1x Merit / Desing - PeaceCamo


1x Shortlist / Graphic Design - PeaceCamo

New York Festivals

1x Gold / Design - PeaceCamo

1x Silver / Positive World Impact - PeaceCamo

1x Finalist / Creative Data - ChickenStock
1x Finalist / Digital - ChickenStock

1x Shortlist / Pushing Culture - ChickenStock

1x Shortlist / Direct - ChickenStock

1x Shortlist / Public Relations - PeaceCamo

Dubai Lynx

1x Grand Prix / Design - PeaceCamo

1x Silver / Digital - ChickenStock

1x Silver / Creative Strategy - ChickenStock

1x Bronze/ Design - ChickenStock

1x Bronze/ Media - ChickenStock

1x Bronze/ Film - The Noble Speech

The Caples

1x Gold / Digital B to B - ChickenStock

1x Gold / Radical New Strategy - ChickenStock


1x Gold / Direct - ChickenStock

1x Gold / Brand Exp &  Activation- ChickenStock

1x Gold / Public Relations - ChickenStock

1x Gold / Media - ChickenStock

1x Bronze / Interactive - ChickenStock

1x Bronze / Peace and Justice - PeaceCamo

2x Crystal / Outdoor - PeaceCamo

2x Crystal / Public Relations - PeaceCamo

The Loeries

1x Gold / Integrated Campaign - ChickenStock

1x Silver / Digital - ChickenStock
1x Silver / Design - PeaceCamo

1x Bronze / Out of Home - The Unstuck Poster


1x Silver / Transform a Brand - PeaceCamo


1x Bronze / Out of Home - The Unstuck Poster

Lüzer's Archive

3/2021 - PeaceCamo

Rio de Janeiro ︎ São Paulo ︎ Dubai ︎ Sydney 

I love ads.
It's a chemical thing.

I started on this journey in Rio de Janeiro, back in 2008. Since then I've never stopped meeting amazing people and learning new things. That's what drives me to work at advertising agencies.

Actually, there is something else. I still get a strong feeling in my heart every time I know I've cracked a new idea, or every time I see someone found out a creative way to solve a problem - and I get jealous right after. In these two cases, it seems like my brain is sending a message to my body saying "This is beautiful!".

I'm always chasing this feeling. It's kind of an addiction. It's love.


A bit more of my background on Little Black Book, here.

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